GLOBAL Cookware Chemical Disclosure Database for Illa Products


At Illa S.p.A. we strive to comply with all laws applicable to our products. The entire production cycle of Illa’s coated aluminum cookware takes place in the Noceto (PR) Italy plant, allowing total control of the entire supply chain, from the processing of the aluminum disc to the shipment of the product. The pots, pans and all the tools for Illa cookware are 100% Made in Italy. The raw materials used are selected and purchased only from certified and market leader producers. Illa periodically carries out destructive tests on its products and implements strict controls on the entire production process. Illa products do not contain PFOA or heavy metals that may be harmful to health.

AB 1200 Chemicals Disclosure

California’s AB 1200 requires manufacturers of listed cookware to make certain disclosures about their products based on whether certain chemicals are intentionally added to the products’ food contact components and handles. The cookware disclosure requirement of California AB 1200 is found in the California Health & Safety Code beginning in Section 109010. As of January 1, 2024, manufacturers of cookware sold in the State containing one or more intentionally added chemicals from a designated list of chemicals are required to identify those chemicals on the product label. This law also requires, beginning January 1, 2023, cookware manufacturers to identify such chemicals on its website.

In compliance with enacted right-to-know legislation, the following information provides information for consumers on certain ingredients used in the manufacture or processing of applicable Illa products.


In Illa S.p.A we are committed to creating safe consumer products and welcome any questions from our customers