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Illa Spa was founded in 1946 in Langhirano near Parma as Industria Langhiranese Lavorazione Alluminio, a company machining aluminum and specializing in pressing, embossing and cookware assembly. For over 70 years, the Illa Group has produced pots,pans, skillets and casseroles in aluminum with non-stick coatings. Since 1983 Illa has been supported by Nuova Illafor: a company specialized in the application of non-stick coatings. Now Illa and Nuova Illafor are one company.

The renewal

From 2010 to 2013, the Illa Group has gone through substantial changes regarding ownership, operational management and investments.aimed at improving production efficiency and quality. Production, research, marketing and logistics are now located at a new and highly advanced plant in Noceto with a surface of 30,000 square metres (of which 16,000 indoors), 80 employees and an annual production of million cookware pieces.

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The new plant

The new facility also ensures a full integration of the entire production cycle from shaping the aluminium disk to the shipment of the end product. Together with the high level of automation and the advanced technological standard of the machinery, this has enabled Illa to maximum cost efficiency and quality that is amongst the highest of European cookware manufacturers. In fact, the construction of the new plant exactly reflects our corporate philosophy: at a time when many competitors were relocating production to countries with low labour costs, or focusing less on environmental issues, Illa chose to take the path of production efficiency, by concentrating on four strategic pillars:

the pluses of the new plant

  • Strict quality controls of raw materials and end products
  • Uncompromising attention to food safety, well beyond of what is required by law
  • High sensitivity towards environmental issues
  • Continuous employee training

As a result, the Illa Group today still remains a true advocate of the Made in Italy brand, with production export numbers of over 75% and some of the most important cookware retailers within the industry amongst our loyal clients. Some of whom now for over thirty years.