Natural, healthy and innovative: The first pan with an olive oil non-stick coating has arrived. Olivilla is completely MADE IN ITALY and has been created by ILLA’s Research and Development department in order to offer consumers a cooking instrument, which is even more respectful of nature and even more non-stick.

Olive oil coating

Olive oil, the precious vegetable element, has always been used in the kitchen to flavour food and prevent it from sticking. Now, thanks to ILLA, olive oil has become the base of an exclusive product that is the best of Italian tradition. Olivilla is elegant, eco-friendly and made with natural colours and the highest quality materials.


Also, the thickness of the pan bottom provides a uniform heat distribution that reduces the cooking time of food and consequently saves energy.

The six layers of Olivilla

The six high-tech layers of Olivilla include a stainless-steel bottom ideal for cooking on induction hobs. The aluminum base allows excellent heat distribution, while the olive oil top coating is over a water-based intermediate coating.

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It is normally custom to wipe the internal part of a utensil with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil on first use. Thanks to the special Ollia-Tech coating, this process is no longer necessary. The olive oil, added in the coating, creates a microfilm, which makes the pan even more non-stick. Ollia-tech, like all ILLA coatings , contains no PFOA or heavy metals.


Olive oil coating


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Yes, absolutely.
Ollia-tech, the coating of Olivilla, contains a mix of olive oil and water (which enhances the function of organic solvent).

To fix the coating, the pan is placed in an oven at around 400°C so that any possible smoke can be absorbed and filtered (the smoking point of oil is 210°C). Tests have shown that no smoke will be released during home use (click here to see the results).

When cooking food at home, the temperature does not ever exceed 180°C-200°C. If the temperature goes above 230°C as liquid evaporates or food burns, coating will start to deteriorate and the pan should be replaced; this apply to all kind of non-stick pans. For this reason, it is recommended that pans should never be left empty on heat.

Unlike other pans, needing pre-treatment with a cotton ball soaked with olive oil, Olivilla does not require this operation as its interior already contains the necessary percentage of olive oil to saturate the pores of the PTFE. This makes the pan even more non-stick.

With Olivilla, it is possible to cook without oil or any added fats thanks to the exceptional non-stick of Ollia-Tech already containing a percentage of olive oil inside it.

They are both very different products with different characteristics. The stone-effect pan, thanks to the mineral particles in the coating, is more scratch resistant whereas the olive oil coating is more non-stick.

With Olivilla, as with all normal non-sticks, it is recommended to use spatulas and spoons made from silicone, plastic or wood as not to ruin the coating.

Olivilla, equipped with a thick bottom and a steel plate can be used even on induction hobs.

To clean Olivilla pan, let it cool before washing it. Olivilla can be cleaned in the dishwasher, however cleaning by hand is recommended. In any case, don’t use abrasive or aggressive chemical products for cleaning. Use a soft sponge with a small amount of washing-up liquid. In the event that food burns inside the pan, fill it with warm water and after a few hours proceed to clean it.

n.b. Con il tempo alcuni cibi possono lasciare delle macchie. Queste tracce non compromettono la funzionalità né le proprietà antiaderenti della pentola. Notare che le macchie peggiorano se le pentole vengono utilizzate a temperature più elevate di quelle raccomandate.

Olivilla was conceived and is produced in Italy in Noceto’s plant, near Parma, where Illa Spa has its headquarters. For over 70 years Illa has produced non-stick aluminium cookware that is strictly Made in Italy.

Using scratched pots and pans does not carry health risks for the consumer. A replacement is however advised simply to ensure the function of the non-stick coating. In the event that particles of the non-stick coating are accidently ingested, there is no danger: the particles are inert, not toxic and are eliminated directly by the organism without being absorbed.

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