Planeta project meets the growing demand and consumer’s awareness
of the importance to protect the environment.

The cardinal principles of eco-sustainability – reducing, reusing, recycling – give life a new line of ecological cookware,

made in ITALY with recycled materials or coming from more sustainable cycles:

rivestimento planeta


Obtaining metals starting from minerals is a highly energy-absorbing activity. The recycling of non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, contributes to EU policies for sustainable use of resources in order to reduce the environmental impact normally associated with the extraction and processing of metal minerals.

Planeta Project involves the use 100% recycled aluminium alloy from items such as beverage cans, food cans, aluminium foil, etc.

The aluminium produced does not differ at all from the one obtained from the original mineral as the basic features of the metal remain unchanged and can be recycled continuously.

The recycling of aluminium reduces energy costs by up to 95%* compared to the production of primary aluminium. There is also a considerable reduction in the exploitation of environmental resources.

Water-based coating AQA

AQA coatings are water-based products. A high percentage of traditional solvents commonly used in coatings are replaced by water. AQA coatings combined with new application techniques cut down product consumption, generate less waste and see a substantial reduction of atmospheric emissions. That allows a reduction of environmental impact.



Planeta project handle was developed following voluntary technical procedural These procedural guidelines follow the indications set out in EU standards*.

UNI EN ISO 14020: 2002
UNI EN ISO 14021: 2016
UNI EN ISO 14024: 2018
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

guidelines that establish a minimum content of 50% of natural raw materials from certified sustainable sources and regenerated materials from reuse of internal production.

The process is subject to external certification by SGS. It certifies that this specific product category complies with the requirements.

manico plastica riciclata

100% Recycled cardboard
riciclato certificato FSC

The packaging used for this project is 100% recycled cardboard made from high quality and certified raw materials.


The FSC* label promotes development of sustainable and ecological ways of production thus ensuring long term benefits to forests, animals, plants and local population

cartone riciclato

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